3D Casa

We create your 3D property tour!

With a 3D real estate tour, prospective leads can do their own walk-through of your properties from anywhere, anytime, generating higher engagement and interest, especially during these uncertain times.

Why virtual tours?

  • Give prospective clients, tenants, buyers, and investors the ability to tour your property, showroom, museum or venue 24/7.
  • Close up to 30% faster with a virtual 3D real estate tour that can highlight special features of your listing.
  • Imagine the potential business you can create by having this online advantage.
  • With our 3D real estate tours your clients can choose from a guided tour, navigation with a VR dollhouse, or manually walk the space themselves. This is a highly immersive method of presenting properties to your clients and will take your listing to a new level.

Key Features

  • 360º/3D Real Estate Tours
  • Floor Plans
  • Labels/features throughout tour available
  • Take measurements
  • Basic interior set photos of each room
  • Tag any object with reference pop-up billboards
  • The model tour also becomes archived & available for future home tours
  • Web hosting for tour availability 24/7. Share with clients, collaborators, agents, insurance companies, appraisers.
  • 2D Floor Plan Available